Academic Pathways works with children and parents in assisting individual needs of those with learning or language difficulties and disorders. We offer academic solutions ranging from reading and spelling recovery and individual therapies as well as parent education and ongoing reviews.

"Acedemic Pathways has been a major part

of his life for 7 years, and every day I am

reminded of their influence on him."

Parent - Rosanna

Student - Timothy - 18 years old


"After just several sessions at Academic Pathways,

not only his reading and writing improved, but he

also looks forward to every lesson."

Parent - Victoria

Student - Mark - 9 years old

Eltham North

"I would like to say a big “Thank you!” to Academic Pathways."

Parent - Phil

Student - Paul - 13 years old


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Every Child Can Read And Write - The ultimate success of teaching kids with learning disabilities hinges on the development of a personal relationship with each child.

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Welcome to Academic Pathways Therapy and Learning practice!

Over the past 10 years Academic Pathways operated under the philosophy of providing each child with the professional care in an environment that promotes confidence and self-esteem. We believe that we should not only help a child, but also provide parents with necessary skills and tools to accelerate learning in the home environment. Many parents reported that they found these skills effective in assisting other children in the family.

Founded by Director, Julia Nirchberg, who is tirelessly committed to providing you and your child with all aspects of literacy development, such as written language, reading and spelling. We are experienced in working with children with learning difficulties, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.